Booking for Weekend Mass

Online and telephone bookings are necessary to guarantee a place at weekend services.

No need to book for Daily Mass only for weekend Mass attendance.  

Book a place at Mass – an electronic booking system has been rolled out across the diocese.  You can register and sign up now if you click on this link

Telephone Booking for Mass – Telephone booking please use the text service if you have a mobile phone Alternatively please call only between 10am-5pm   Contact Number 01332 770232


  • Follow the instructions of the Stewards
  • All are welcome to come to Mass (including those who are 70+)
  • The Sunday obligation to attend Mass continues to be suspended. So If you can come during the week please do so as the reduced seating capacity of the church must be strictly adhered to and we done wish you refuse anyone .
  • 2 meter social distancing is in place all seating areas are clearly marked.
  • Masks must be worn.  You are responsible for bringing your own.
  • There is no congregational singing.
  • You can leave your donation in the baskets at the door.  But if you can donate electronically please do.
  • There is no exchange of the peace.
  • Communion is to be in one kind only and you shall remain in your seats. It shall be distributed by the Special Ministers of the Eucharist. 
  • Take all Newsletters home with you.
  • Readers – are to wear disposable gloves

All the above are to keep each of us safe I look forward to seeing you all ,

Yours in Christ

Fr. Alan 

Nottingham Diocese 

Terms and Conditions

  • ‘We’ are the Nottingham Roman Catholic Diocese, registered charity number 1134449
  • This website is designed to enable people to book places at Mass while our Churches have restricted capacity
  • You may use this site to book places at Mass in the parishes of the Nottingham Diocese
  • Please take confirmation of your booking with you to Mass.  This may be digital, on your phone, or a printed copy of the confirmation.  If you do not take confirmation with you, the parish might not admit you to the Church
  • If you go to Church without a booking, and the Church is full, you will not be able to attend Mass
  • If you make a booking and later decide not to usae it, please cancel your booking to allow others to use the seats
  • Once in the Church, you must
    • follow the instructions of stewards
    • respect social distancing and sanitising guidleines and notices
  • We cannot absolutely guarantee to provide you with a place at Mass if you have booked.  Circumstances change, and events beyond our control can arise.  However in normal circumstances your bookings will always be respected